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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pop-up Galleries

What would you do if you were invited to fly to the opposite end of the world to particiapte in several pop-up painting events staying with people you barely knew?
You would be required to pay for your flights, the rest of expenses would be paid for by the organisers.
This was the opportunity I received.
Wasn't sure what to do as it fell into the busiest time of the year for me. I had no idea what to expect, yet there is a part of me that enjoys the concept of bringing art to the people, rather than expecting people to find the art.
So I agreed.
Was a different experience painting under public scrutiny, rather than the quiet confines of my studio. I had to learn to accept interruptions and technical difficulties such as that paint takes a lot longer to dry in the chilly winter of Belfast rather than the hot summer of Cape Town. I had to be careful not to drop paint all over the place as I'm inclined to do. I learnt to paint in badly lit areas. Good news was I even sipped champagne, something I'd never do in my studio.I learnt how to paint even when I did not feel too much like it, whereas at home I'd find something to divert my attention. So, the process of painting live in public shot me way out of my comfort zone.
Good news was I made some great friends - the Irish are a great bunch of people and at last count had sold 20 paintings so I clearly made the right decision. So think about it yourselves maybe its time the art came to the people and not the other way round!