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Friday, February 11, 2011

Success is hard work!

Anthony made the point this morning that no where in the book had I made mention of how hard most artists need to work to be succesful. Sure you can structure your time (we just went Stand Up Paddleboarding with dolphins!) but there is seldom a weekend that we both aren't working at least some of the time and often most of the time. To produce enough art to live off usually requires a lot of hard work, so being an artist is NOT an easy option, in fact compared to my days in advertising, its a lot more work. (Its just that the work is more enjoyable!)

Review in Sarie Magazine

Making your art work, Ann Gadd (Create Yourself Publications, R180)
Hierdie is ‘n baie praktiese gids van alles wat jy moet weet, as jy geld uit jou kunswerke wil maak. Ann Gadd is self ‘n kunstenaar en weet hoe moeilik dit is om jouself as kunstenaar te bemark en seker te maak dat jou kunswerke by die regte galery uitkom, waar jy verseker kan wees van ‘n mark wat in jou werk sal belangstel.
Haar wenke begin met hoe jy moet dink oor jou werk en jouself om jouself as professioneel te kan bestempel. Dan neem sy mens stap vir stap deur die roete van hoe om by jou eindbestemming te kom - om geld te verdien. Sy wys duidelik die slaggate uit en haar hele aanslag is prakties. Dis beslis ‘n boek wat enige potensiële kunstenaar behoort te lees, veral as jy nie weet waar om te begin nie.
Die belangrikste ding van die hele proses is dat jy natuurlik ook talent moet hê!
Die boek is beskikbaar by toonaangewende boekwinkels, maar kan ook bestel word by Vir meer oor Ann Gadd self en haar kunswerke, besoek
 From: Feb 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The comission that wasn't

I was asked to do a comission by a gallery, which I did. I sent the painting and also emailed the tracking number for collection. About 7 weeks later I received the painting back as "undelivered." So I called the gallery. It appears that the right hand knew-ith not what the left hand hath not done.So time, postage etc was lost.
As no sales have been reported for over 18 months, (after an initial good start), I am currently trying to get all my work back. Yet inspite of calls, emails etc nothing has been arrived. I suspect, as has been the case in the past work has sold and I've not been informed.
Its a problem dealing with galleries that are far from home. As there is no way of checking on what has sold or what is still there, and so you are in a position of trust. If a gallery breaks that trust, its a tricky situation. When speaking politely or begging results in getting no response, do you
a) Jump on a plane? (costly)
b) Get your buddy who is a lawyer to get heavy? (No doubt you are joining a long queue of other irate artists)
c) Name and shame the gallery?
d) Beg and grovel further? (Not good for self-esteem and seldom works)
e) Accept the loss and move on?
 P.S. Seems like they can only find 6 of the 10 paintings they had on consignment, which means four have sold....
Q) Why was I not told?
Q) Why was I not paid?
Sadly this scenario plays itself out all too often in the art world.