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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review in Jan/Feb 2011 Craftwise Magazine on 'Making Your Art Work'

Scarcely a week goes by that we do not receive questions from artists asking advice on how they can turn their hobby into a business where they can sell their work. It's a very common dilemma and Ann addresses it superbly in this book. She is a fine artist and author of a number of self-help motivational books and was personally faced with this question. In this book, she tacjkles the question from a number of different angles, including self-analysis, creative blocks, marketing, the use of galleries and the internet as sales platforms. It's not a magic wand quick-fix book of answers. If you want to sell your art, this book can assist you, but you will need to actually put the words into action. There is good solid advice and very thought provoking material to ponder on, which, if you make it your own can get you onto the road of independence. If you want to make money from your art, then buy this book. And read it.
Owen Calverley. Craftwise


  1. I agree with the content, but there is something called spellchecker, the people at Craftwise should use it!

  2. Not their fault - I retyped the review and my spelling is shocking!!!

  3. Ups, sorry... no pun intended... ;)